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Polyplab Reef-Roids 60G Coral Food

Polyplab Reef-Roids 60G Coral Food

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This food source was originally designed for Goniopora genus, but has been found to be excellent for all filter feeding corals as well. It comes in 3 pack sizes, so can suit you to match your coral requirements.

The particle size of this is around 150 - 200 microns, so suits the small filter feeding corals perfectly. Great polyp extensions can be seen when feeding corals with Reef-Roids, and certain species, such as Zoanthids, Mushrooms and Ricordia, show a distinct feeding response to this food.

It has been shown that by feeding this food, corals have a better growth rate and also have much improved colours, making your tank look much more alive, especially when matched with the right lighting to ensure your corals can truly thrive.

Reef-Roids mix into water, rather than floating on the surface like some other coral foods. This mix through the water means that it spreads around the tank fully, feeding across the system and minimising waste by just being pulled into the filter. Importantly, Reef-Roids are not comprised of processed fish or similar items which can cause water deterioration, but rather naturally occurring marine life such as plankton.

For ideal use, use 1/4 teaspoon for 25g of water, and mix into a small amount of tank water in advance before pouring into the rest of the tank. Alternatively, this can be directly syringe fed to corals for target feeding, though circulation pumps should be turned off to do this accurately and without wasting any.

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